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About Freehand
Freehand is a energetic young team. The brand-new visage  team represents the infinite possibility in the future by meeting the challenges and surmounting the difficulties. We unceasingly absorb the past experience to create new designs.

Freehand expresses the art of simple, elegant and creative furniture design. The team aims to create youthful and cost-effective household products, and bring the unique feeling to every customers. Since Freehand was founded, its exquisite appearance, comfortable seat feeling products, and unique outlook are favored by all kinds of guests. It successfully established cooperation relationship with International interior engineering designer and architecture, large furniture retailers, furniture wholesalers from all over the world, and the popular furniture online business company welcomed by young people. 

Excellent products are always inseparable from the ingenuity of a good design team. Each new products birth will let guests marvel. The cooperation between FREEHAND and international  interior designers are inspirations collision, they learned from each other, to let the furniture products walk in the forefront of Times trade.

Freehands achievements are not only based on exquisite product design, but also depending on using high quality environmentally raw materials, strict quality control and efficient customer service spirit. As the supplier of the international community, we always pay attention to the environmental awareness of end customers, pleasant shopping experience, reliable quality assurance, continuously improve the service mode and method, lead the young and luxurious shopping methods.

In the future, we will present more sophisticated furniture series products, to bring our clients more fantastic lifestyle.