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Maintenance Tips
·Gold-plated furniture Because the surface coating is electroplated, it can be removed by electrochemical corrosion. Moisture resistance is mainly to prevent the liquid from staying on the surface to form an electrochemical environment. Dust, oil, etc. have the function of absorbing water. Leaving them on the surface of crafts will lock up moisture, and the conductive components contained in them will accelerate electrochemical corrosion. Practice, often wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth to keep it dry and clean. 

·Basic maintenance methods for leather furniture :1. Avoid direct sunlight and long-term exposure to sunlight. The surface of the leather not only looks unsightly but also feels bad when touching the surface. 2. Leather furniture maintenance also needs to avoid high temperatures. 3. Another point of leather furniture maintenance should not be placed in a room with low humidity. The humidity will cause the skin to crack due to freezing. Therefore, the maintenance of leather furniture should pay attention to its placement. 

·Maintenance methods of electroplated furniture: 1. Do not put in damp place, do not wipe with wet cloth, especially not with soapy water or washing powder water. 2. When you find tan spots, wipe with oil. 3. Don't put it in smoked roasting place. 4. Prevent contact with substances such as hydrochloric acid and table salt. 5. Rusted electroplated furniture should be derusted in time. Usually, it is best to apply some anti-embroidery oil.
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