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Rules and regulations
1.  MOQ of the product
MOQ of the products in the Freehand catalogue are 100pcs / color for chairs, 50pcs / color for tables and 20pcs / color for sofas.

2. Payment methods and price terms 
The quotation is FOB TIANJIN 1 * 40HQ. The first cooperation on payment methods generally only accepts 30% deposit of TT, and the remaining 70% of the balance is paid within 10 days of the copy of the bill of lading.  

3. Production time of samples and prenatal samples
Usually, samples are completed in two weeks. 

4. Order production time
Generally, the lead time of the first order is 45-50 days, of the repeat order is 30-40 day. Besides, it needs another week for the inspection and confirmation work for both sides.  

5. Complaint
If the received product has quality problems, please inform us as soon as possible. We will study and confirm the root cause of the problem as soon as possible, align and improve it, and arrange corresponding replenishment or compensation. 

6 . Product Supplements
Usually we will provide 5% of the order quantity when the order is packed. If you do not receive the goods in the container or the quantity of the supplies is insufficient in the later sales process, please contact us at any time, we will provide the corresponding number of supplies.

7 .Fabric swatches and tubes
If you have customers who need swatches and tubes in the sales process, please contact us in time. We will prepare the number of swatches or tubes you need as soon as possible and send them to your office as soon as possible.

8 . Information about products and packaging materials
If your guests need some information about products or packaging materials, please contact us and we will reply you in time.