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You should have the Inspection of the finished furniture in the factory, and reports such as work plans and summaries. Able to count the pass rate of finished products for one inspection; capable of handling complaints, statistics and provision of various data within the department, and meter management.

Related Requirements:
You should have the College degree or above in quality management related majors, 3 years or above in quality inspection, product inspection, image recognition, use of measuring devices, fact-based judgment, field improvement capabilities, and experience in inspecting wood and miscellaneous goods, Skilled in operating office software, able to adapt to frequent business trips.

You can participate in the design and support of the company's project products. According to the requirements of the company and the project manager, you can deepen the product and extend the design. Responsible for other related art design work of the project.

Related Requirements:
College degree or above, major in industrial design, furniture design, product design and other related majors, proficient in using 3DMAX / Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other design related software, have related product design or furniture design work experience, have good guts and expression skills, Strong teamwork spirit, strong understanding, analytical ability. Familiar with wood, board, metal materials and other process characteristics.

You should have the responsible for the company's international market promotion, expansion of new overseas customers, business data statistics and analysis, output of analysis reports, new product development to meet customer requirements, production progress management, sample and production order dynamic management, guarantee delivery time, responsible for customer reception, visits, Factory inspections, complete account management such as customer transaction rebates as required by the company, and be responsible for product inventory.

Related Requirements:
You should have the Regular bachelor's degree, CET-6, international trade, English and other related majors, more than 3 years of work experience in formal international trade companies, with crisis management skills, able to withstand work pressure, and strong teamwork awareness.

You need to be responsible for the development and management of the supplier of the new product, responsible for the design of the product module, preparation of the product design report, technical standards and technical documents. Sort out and investigate customer needs, summarize industry and customer pain points, product planning, product definition, promote the development of corresponding products, cooperate with market personnel for marketing and customer development; iterative update of product operations, and monitor, statistics and Analyze, collect customer opinions, modify logic, optimize various operating processes, and finally formulate an iterative plan for the product. Product issues are tracked and handled to ensure partner satisfaction, and cooperate with the company's product development, design and production of seasonal product catalogs, product packaging and promotional materials.

Related Requirements:
Full-time undergraduate degree or above, with more than 2 years of product design work experience.
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